OAi Publishing

Summary – An annual publication that captures and inventories large-scale, outdoor, public art available in Texas. The publication is designed to serve as a resource for public rotating art programs and a free promotion for local artists, as well as a showroom for art buyers. All free! OAi publishing covers costs with subscriptions and advertising.

 – Provide platform to promote individual artists, public art programs and showcase available art in Texas.

 – Create a comprehensive list of art, artists and art opportunities.

Target Audience
 – City art programs, developers, art buyers and the practicing art community.

Benefits to cities

  • Sell art – Commissions to city/program organizer
  • No costs to city
  • Provide inventory of available art in Texas
    Network of artist’s contact
  • Promote city art program
  • OAi available, if requested, to broker art sales (10% commission)
  • Publication – public art resource
  • OAi available to inventory and document art in program
  • Service to artists - provide program details, program contacts and artist’s application

Benefits to artists –

  • Promote artist & art
  • Sell art at no cost to artists – no commission/fees to OAi
  • Brokerage service available (5% commission)
  • Commissions for cities/program organizers
  • List of rotating art programs in Texas

Edition 1

  • Total 286 pages
  • 14 rotating art programs
  • 1 artist spotlight
  • 1 gallery spotlight
  • 188 works of art listed
  • 100 artists listed
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